The range consists of 25, 50, 100, 200 & 300 yard backstops with 11 solid, covered
shooting benches resting on concrete slabs.  
Two open clay throwing stations. A 10 station walk through sporting clays range will
challenge your shotgun skills (open Wednesday nights).
Our picnic area, complete with a pavilion, 6’ fire ring, grilles and picnic tables, rounds out
our member opportunities.
Warroad Lost River Sportsmen Complex
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Welcome To The WLRSC Home Page
Dave Larson Memorial Clubhouse Fund raiser

We have the president, treasurer and 2 board positions up for election this year.  Most of
the current board has been here since the beginning and we're getting tired.  (It's our 10
year anniversary this year!)  We're looking for ambitious new blood with new ideas to
move us forward over the next 10 years.  Please consider getting involved with this
awesome organization so us old timers can actually have time to enjoy using the range!  
We're a growing organization with a healthy, exciting future.  We're over 400 members
strong and growing rapidly.  We have an annual operating budget, without any
improvements, of over $10,000.  We have multiple ranges with multiple uses.  We have
that.  Become an active participant in an organization that's only going to grow and
improve!  Be a part of our future!
We will be accepting nominations until the November meeting (11-11-14).  Nominations
will be closed after a last nomination call at the meeting.  The election will be held at our
annual meeting December 9th.  According to our bylaws, write in candidates will not be
considered so, if you're interested in a position, you will need to get your name on the
Contact Paloma Lang, Doug Lindner or myself to do that.  
Rick 218-242-207