The range consists of 25, 50, 100, 200 & 300 yard backstops with 11 solid, covered
shooting benches resting on concrete slabs.  
Two open clay throwing stations. A 10 station walk through sporting clays range will
challenge your shotgun skills (open Wednesday nights).
Our picnic area, complete with a pavilion, 6’ fire ring, grilles and picnic tables, rounds out
our member opportunities.
Warroad Lost River Sportsmen Complex
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Welcome To The WLRSC Home Page

Hello fellow shooting enthusiasts, Saturday is approaching fast, so if you’re up to it
and have the time available to participate, please join us for some action pistol fun 8-
2-14 from 1-6pm.  A match fee of $5 for the full day for WLRSC members and $10 for
non-members will be collected the day of the event to help recoup material costs.
WLRSC membership forms will be available the day of the shoot. Annual individual
club membership is $25 and annual family membership $35. The attached
membership form can also be printed, filled out, and brought with you or mailed to the
club.  For this event, you will need to bring a handgun, holster, some form of
concealment (i.e. long cover garment), and at least 50rnds of ammunition (more
ammo is always good J). Time pending at the end of our pistol shoot, we will put
together an impromptu Pistol/Rifle/shotgun side match. For this tentative portion of
the day plan for no more than 20rnds pistol, 30rnds rifle, & 25rnds of shotgun.
Saturday’s main events will consist of three IDPA stages:
Other items to consider bringing along include hydration, snacks, sunscreen, and bug
spray. Forecast is expected to be 83° and mostly sunny.

Best regards & hope to see you there!

Cell# 218-469-1675
Brandon Korgel
Warroad Lost River
(WLRSC) is proud
to be the host range for
Warroad Warriors Trap
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